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Why join

Why join

The Coronavirus crisis is impacting all parts of our lives. By joining the Coronavirus Global R&I Collaboration Portal, you and your organisation will become a member of a dynamic network working towards the same shared priorities.

Our members enjoy exclusive networking opportunities with other researchers and organisations. They are also visible to an ever-expanding portfolio of researchers, professionals and practitioners. This makes it easier to find collaboration opportunities and to form partnerships with other members that share similar areas of expertise and aspirations.

This collaborative initiative is timely and important in tackling the global challenge presented by the Coronavirus. It’s easy for members to share and exchange knowledge as well as forge connections and collaborations across the EU and beyond.

We can achieve more together! Join a growing network! Don’t wait, get in touch today.

How to join

Thank you for your interest in joining the Coronavirus Global R&I Collaboration Portal. Let’s get started. Follow the steps below:

  1. Register an account as an individual or on behalf of an organisation (or both). You will need to have a (free) EULogin account to register.
  2. Publish your member profile.
  3. Publish the projects or research activities you are involved in.
  4. Publish your collaboration interests.
  5. Browse the members list and contact others for potential collaborations.
  6. Use the members' contact details to get in touch.
The portal is now open.

Join this community of researchers, publish your member profile and team up for new collaboration opportunities.

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