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SHINE 2Europe aims to promote inclusive communities to all citizens, by delivering services and support to the implementation of tech-Savvy, Healthy and INclusivE solutions (SHINE) around Europe, with potential enlargement to the world. SHINE is born with a clear vision of fostering societal growth and inclusiveness, by sharing good practices, promoting active networking between different stakeholders and countries and developing relevant projects on targeted areas.

Specialisation and expertise

SHINE's main goal is to promote inclusive societies for all. This includes gender, race, age, personal opinions and lifestyles, literacy, environment and sustainability, with shared responsibility between all citizens and within democratic values. This is not restricted to awareness raising, advocating for the most fragile citizens or calling up the public attention to all the needs for extra care and specific interventions. What we really foster is to help imagining a society that is already built taking into consideration the different needs of all citizens and creating holistic solutions that can help them to be happy and have a fulfilled life. In this concept we include: • strengthening organisations roles and initiatives that enhance inclusion, active and participatory citizenship, human rights, health and care for the frailest, quality education and training. • promoting entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation and market outreach, through targeted impacts on different ecosystem layers. • directly engaging with stakeholders, end-users and citizens in co-creating, experimenting and validating innovative ideas and products, favouring citizen involvement in public decision-making. • creating training materials and tools that promote lifelong learning and self-development, peer-learning and enhanced literacy and skills in different target groups. • advancing knowledge on age-friendly, inclusive, green and tech-savvy societies, promoting research and publications on these themes. • on a higher level, working in strategies, policies and participatory approaches that lead to a better democratic process, empowering citizens and engaging the whole cycle of stakeholders. Bringing innovation, digital solutions, social inclusion and a greener environment is often mainly dependent of policy change. With all the differences between regions, countries and public systems, one size does not fit all. Policy change requires a complex, bureaucratic and long process, implies connecting a broad network of actors and moreover, implies finding public commitments, which is not simple or easy. SHINE’s team has a solid experience and a wide network of contacts both in national and international contexts, that ensure the better way through to build policy claims. Although this is not the core focus of SHINE, the creation, development or adaptation of simple IT solutions is also one of our key assets. Whenever it makes sense to provide an integrated solution for a societal challenge that can be adequately addressed by a digital product, e.g. an app, a game or a platform, SHINE has the expertise to deliver it too. What are the gains? We can talk both languages and approach the different worlds - technological, societal and research and bridge the gap that so many times makes innovation fail in the final run. Key areas of expertise • Ethical excellence • Co-creation and stakeholder engagement, citizen science, RRI • Policy recommendations • Training, literacy and citizen empowerment • Societal impact analysis • Dissemination and outreach • Entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation • Health and digital solutions • Data sharing governance

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Posted on 22 Aug 2021 by
From 1 Jan 2021 to 28 Feb 2023
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STEP_UP is a European Erasmus+ project that started in December 2020 and will last until the end of February 2023. It intends to develop a training tool for social care and community stakeholders, where they are introduced to the impact of behaviours in the spread of a pandemic/emergency situation and trained, through gaming strategies, to prevent and cope.

The core of this project will be an educational game but that can also be used as a recreational game for the common public. In STEP_UP, the players will play with the aim to stop a pandemic from spreading. A list of measures will be displayed and the player needs to learn about them in order to be able to choose those that would help to impede the virus spread without damaging the economy or causing societal anger. This would also help people to better understand and follow governmental measures (which they actually not always do in current times) and to set aside true facts from myths and fake news.

Besides the gaming tool and the complete training toolkit, a manual on social and policy interventions will be delivered, that aims to offer target-group oriented guidelines and insights on early detection, preventive measures, healthcare and social care interventions, policy measures and communication. The manual will be completed with real-life oriented user stories, good practices and lessons learned.

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